Midlife Mastery Course

Are you suffering from a Midlife Crisis?

Are you at a stage in your life where you feel life has lost its meaning? Have you been so focused on raising a family, concentrating on your career, that you have lost sight of who you are? Are you questioning what you are working towards?

Does life feel meaningless?  Do you feel bored, stagnant, restless? Can you identify with being disillusioned, empty, and disconnected?

These feelings are often linked to guilt, guilty for feeling like this when you and others around you, believe you should be happy. You find yourself questioning the choices you have made thus far in life, there is a persistent feeling that life should be more than this….

Midlife crises are not limited to specific age groups, a midlife crisis can be experienced between the ages of 35 to 65. It is often characterised by feelings of emptiness and loss but no clear understanding of why.

At some point in adulthood, who you are no longer resonates with the goals and beliefs that you had when you were a young adult. The Midlife crisis is the symptom of this battle between the ego and the true self. Questions arises which can encompass a broad variety of areas; career, marriage, parenting, goals, life choices, sexuality, belonging.

Midlife Mastery will help you to reconnect with your adult self, your soul, to find your meaning and ultimately your joy. It is possible to alchemize your distress into a meaningful and fulfilling part of your life’s journey by exploring those aspects of yourself that you have overlooked or neglected in your adult life.

Unearth your true adult self and start living authentically.



What is this course about?


Midlife Mastery will guide you through a process of self exploration in which you will identify the core root of your Midlife crises and help you identify various aspects of the self that are key components in your psyche.

Liberation is found in the meeting of the self and identification of the root causes of your symptoms.

Through a series of in depth Jungian applications, you will uncover your currency of love. This is the currency that you unconsciously work with. It is reflected in your primary relationships and is the love you unconsciously seek.



The five key areas this course focuses on.

  1. Identifying the root cause of your symptoms.
  2. Exploring the archetypal structure of a Midlife crises
  3. Making conscious the unfulfilled aspects in your psyche
  4. Depth work identifying complexes at play
  5. Communicating and connecting with the self



Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is experiencing the following:

  • Loss and disillusionment
  • A feeling of being stuck or trapped
  • Feeling empty
  • A yearning for something better
  • Dissatisfaction with life and your circumstances
  • Feeling guilty about being unhappy
  • Experiencing feelings of paralysis



What will you gain.

This course will:

  • Allow you to identify the core belief that is causing your distress
  • Address the aspects of self that are in crisis
  • Make conscious those aspects of the self that you have disconnected with
  • Empower you to make pro-active choices for yourself
  • Allow you to access the truth of your adult self
  • Prepare you for the transition into selfhood


Booking Information:

For more information on dates and cost, please email Louisa by clicking this link.