Love Liberation

What is love?

Are you seeking love, companionship, togetherness, cohesion, bliss and completion with the other?

Have you found love? Is love elusive for you? Or is your search for love challenging and disappointing? Have you found what you thought was love, but this love isn’t what you hoped and expected?

Do you have an unclear image of love?

Is it difficult for you to make sense of love?

Do you desire resonance with another?

Have you been heartbroken?


The subject of love has been explored by religion, philosophy, psychology and science. Love is a deep emotion. It can overwhelm us and propel us. Love opens a door that when opened is difficult to close.

The Love Liberation course will guide you to identify the Love you need, what it means to you and where to find it.

What is this course about?

This course is about focusing on the love you desire. It will help you tune into the love that is unique to you. It will guide you to tap into your inner desires and help you understand whom you are drawn to and why.

Through a series of in depth applications, you will uncover your subconscious currency of love. This is the currency that you unconsciously work with. It is reflected in your primary relationships and is the love you unconsciously seek.

The five key areas this course focuses on:

  1. Identifying potential and existing love.
  2. Exploring unconscious desires regarding love.
  3. Uncovering your barriers to love.
  4. Communicating with your unconscious through symbol work.
  5. Identifying key complexes at play in your love relationships.
  6. Finding and identifying your love currency.

This course is for anyone who is:

  • Looking for love
  • Single
  • Married
  • In a committed relationship
  • Curious about love
  • Wanting to find love

What will you gain?

  • The love you need.
  • Understand the love or lack of perceived love in your marriage/partnership.
  • Make sense of the love you may have experienced.
  • Make sense of love you have never experienced.
  • An awareness into your barriers to love.
  • Understand what it means for you to experience love.
  • A clearer understanding of your love drivers.

Booking Information:

For more information on dates and cost, please email Louisa by clicking this link.