What does it mean to live in resonance with your intuition?


We are all experiential, primal beings.  Living in a primarily empirical world, we have been schooled to look for proof, for scientifically provable and tested theories.

Consequently, we dissociate from our instinctual, intuitive natures. Resulting in a feeling of disconnection and dis-ease. An over reliance on left brain dominance diminishes our capacity for growth and connection.

Intuition will guide you to reconnect with your intuition in order to feel alive and creative and connected to yourself on a deep spiritual level.


What is this course about?

Intuition is about

  • Experiencing a deeper connection with your gut instincts
  • Identifying your intuitive abilities
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Honing your intuition to enhance your professional and social life
  • Forging deeper connections where you need them
  • Getting in touch with your authentic creativity



The five key areas this course focuses on.

  1. Identifying what intuition is
  2. Tools with which to awaken your intuition
  3. Using intuition as a gateway to deeper connections
  4. Allowing intuition to guide you to a more authentic self expression
  5. Using intuition to unleash your creativity



Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is experiencing the following:

  • A loss of connection with their gut instinct
  • A realisation that they should be listening to their instincts
  • A lack of trust within themselves
  • Feeling cut off or disconnected from yourself/the world



What will you gain.

This course will:

  • Sharpen your instincts in both personal and business relationships
  • Allow you to hone your intuitive abilities
  • Find and strengthen your connections with those activities, people, causes and settings that are in alignment with you
  • Access and use your intuition to live a more connected life
  • Experience a deeper, lasting connection to your creativity


Booking Information:

For more information on dates and cost, please email Louisa by clicking this link.