Family and Divorce Mediation

Why Mediation?

Divorce and separation can be fraught with anxiety, distress and disruption for couples, children and extended family.  Costly and time-consuming litigation can further exacerbate stress. Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation. It is aimed at reaching equitable resolution for couples who want to separate or divorce.

Mediation allows for couples to reach joint agreement on parenting plans, maintenance and division of assets and liabilities. Mediation is cost-effective, improves communication, promotes successful co-parenting and reduces emotional trauma to children and couples.


The three phases of Divorce

  • Emotional Separation
  • Financial Division and Sharing of Children
  • The Legal Divorce

Family and divorce mediation is a gentler and more cost-effective option than litigation. The ending of a relationship is more than merely a legal dissolution.

Your mediator is an independent, unbiased professional who facilitates the process of parenting plans, division of assets and primary residence. I work with you both, to ensure you remain in control of your life post- divorce/separation.

Mediation is child-centric, the  focus is on the best interests of children and if necessary child interviews will form part of the mediation process.

What does mediation entail?

Mediation covers but is not limited to:

  • Maintenance
  • Divorce regarding settlement agreements and division of assets
  • Care, contact and primary residence of children and pets

Duration: Each mediation session is 90 minutes. Sessions required vary from 3 to 6 sessions for resolution.

Clients both receive minutes post sessions. Once resolution is agreed upon, clients will receive a Memorandum of Understanding.

If you need guidance during this challenging process, please contact me: