Louisa has created four courses to lead you towards self-actualization.

Her courses are developed to uncover your psyche by utilizing applications  from depth and positive psychology. This means that the insights and experiences that are elicited are unique to you. The answers and understanding is poignant and personal to you. In each of these courses, you will be surprised at the originality of your thought and Louisa  will assist you with the tools to integrate these into your life.

Do you have the courage to look within? 

Are you willing to explore yourself and to discover your real purpose and passion?

Midlife Mastery

Reconnect with a life worth living!

This course is for anyone who is experiencing boredom, stagnation and restlessness or trapped in a  seemingly meaningless life.


Love Liberation

Reveal, explore and experience the love that resonates with you!

This course is for anyone who is seeking love, companionship, togetherness, cohesion, bliss and completion with the other.


Access your inner wisdom!

This course is for anyone who is feeling disconnected from self and has a desire to access their internal compass, wisdom and creativity.

Body and Mind

Heal the rift between your body and mind!

This course is for anyone who is experiencing a disconnect from their body, suffering dis-ease and/or a poor relationship with the physical.