Body and Mind


What does it mean to live in resonance with your intuition?


There is an interconnectedness to our mind and body. Your body reflects your state of mind and your mind will reflect in your body. That which the mind cannot come to terms with, as well as unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs are often carried by our bodies. The body carries the shadow of the psyche.

What is this course about?

Body and Mind will enable you to read the map that is your body. How to uncover the mental and physical clues and cues.  Learn to positively influence your body, so that you recognise and remain in a state of dynamic equilibrium.



The five key areas this course focuses on.

Body and Mind will:

  1. Facilitate a connection between your mental state and physical state
  2. Awaken and enhance awareness of the unconscious dialogue within
  3. Allow you to learn and understand your physical cues and warning signals
  4. Unlock and access your potential to gain your dynamic equilibrium
  5. Elicit an understanding of the physical cues that your body is signalling


Who is this course for?

  • This course is for anyone who is experiencing a disconnect between body and mind
  • Those who are seeking a better understanding of their current or recurrent physical/emotional ailments
  • Those who are in interested in a coherent, holistic and functional approach to wellness
  • Those who are curious about the messages, cues and signs that their physical/emotional is giving them


What will you gain.

  • You will gain congruency between your physical and emotional bodies
  • You will have a deeper and richer awareness of the ineluctable connection between mind and body
  • You will read and anticipate your emotional and physical cues earlier
  • You will have the potential to harness and garner a dynamic equilibrium of health

Booking Information:

For more information on dates and cost, please email Louisa by clicking this link.