Managing boredom in a long term relationship

Managing boredom in a long term relationship Why are you bored? Most of us have experienced the wild, out of control feeling at the beginning of a new romance. Our heart races, we get that addictive adrenaline rush, and all we want to do is be with that person. This is passion at its most intense and it’s addictive and exciting. However, this level of intensity declines in most romantic relationships after about 12 to 18 months. This period of magical excitement [...]


How to end a relationship gracefully

How to end a relationship gracefully There are lots of reasons why relationships end, but generally, infidelity, bad timing and lack of chemistry are the most common. Ending a relationship can be one of the most difficult things to do but it can also be ultimately the most liberating because it allows you and your partner a chance for a new start. Also, the longer the relationship lasts, the harder it gets. There is no easy way to break up [...]


Arguing – Change The Outcome

Arguing – change the outcome #Know what you want resolved. Otherwise you will continually go around in circles, without knowing what you want resolved. So often, we expect our partners to fix our anger and hurt, expecting that they will automatically know how to fix our issues without knowing what these issues even are. This has the potential to further cause more feelings of hurt, confusion, anger and helplessness. #Listen and don’t interrupt Allow your partner to have their say and then ask [...]


Identify Your Arguing Style

Identify your arguing style Don’t fight dirty. Everyone argues and has conflict from time to time. Arguments can be really upsetting for both of you and depending on how you treat one another during conflicts, they will either bring you closer together or have the potential to increase the emotional distance between you. Arguments have the potential to lead to greater understanding and new perspectives can deepen your relationship. Being understood and heard can bring you closer. Couples who have learned good communication skills [...]


HR managers & higher levels of stress

HR managers, are experiencing higher levels of stress than pre Covid. They are being tasked with jobs they haven’t faced before. HR managers are being thrust into a ‘parenting’ role for organisations. Staff are increasingly turning to HR to manage their anxieties regarding social distancing, sanitation and hygiene. Interpersonal relationships at work are becoming fraught with people practising varying levels of hygiene protocols, for example with some staff being more vigilant about practising protocols and others with a more [...]


Understanding and Managing your anxiety during Covid-19

By Louisa Niehaus Of course you are going to be anxious during these unprecedented times. We have no form of reference, nothing to compare this to. Your anxiety is TOTALLY NORMAL. One way of managing your anxiety is to accept it, own it, face that you are responding to a highly unusual set of circumstances. However, give yourself a set time period to give vent to your anxiety, don’t allow your anxiety to rule you. Try to keep yourself in [...]


Are You Achieving Your Potential?

By Louisa Niehaus This isn’t going to be an article that propels you to search deeper or achieve more. Instead, I am going to ask you to walk a path with me, to challenge your mindset, as well as your belief system. Chances are that you, dear reader, are past the school or tertiary education phase. This is an important qualifier. This means that you need to get used to measuring your self-growth on a different set of measurables than [...]


Life Hacks with Louisa: Midlife Part 2

It’s the old cliché: “Once a midlife crisis enters your life, your marriage is doomed.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Lifehacks with Louisa episode 2 is here to give you some insight into how mid-life crisis affects marriages. You’ll also have access to questions that you can ask yourself about your marriage to see if your marriage can weather the storm, or if you’ve truly outgrown your spouse.


Life Hacks with Louisa: Midlife Part 1

A mid-life crisis is usually depicted as a ridiculous time of a person’s life, but did you know that it can help you to take stock of your life and give clarity for the many wonderful years you have ahead of you? Join me for the first ever podcast episode of Lifehacks with Louisa and you will: Be able to recognise the signs of a mid-life crisis; Know the difference between a mid-life crisis and menopause; Recognise that a mid-life crisis shouldn’t [...]


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