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How do i work?

I offer one on one sessions either in person or via Skype. I work with couples, families and individuals in a manner that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. I offer a comfortable and confidential space where you have the freedom to look at your life free of expectation or judgement. I also offer courses in adult transition, which allow me to reach a greater number of clients. Please look at the courses offered and contact me for more information. My courses are focused on adult actualization, specializing in relationship insights and intrinsic growth using the principles of depth psychology and the principles of positive psychology.

Why Counselling?

Why Counselling?

Clients choose counselling when they have reached a crisis point, or when life feels difficult to navigate and understand alone. It may be that you are undergoing changes and need some perspective or direction.  Prolonged anxiety, depression, emptiness, or  loss of meaning or purpose can also be a motivation for therapy. Therapy assists to gain clarity and perspective and result in a deeper, richer and more self- aware life. The benefits of therapy are that it can equip you with different coping mechanisms, allow you to view things from a new perspective, help you to understand your unconscious drives and liberate yourself from behaviours that hold you back. Therapy can also help you navigate conflict, change and stressful situations.
The ultimate goal is to work towards a full, rich, self- aware life.

Family & Mediation

Divorce and separation can be fraught with anxiety, distress and disruption for couples, children and extended family.  Costly and time-consuming litigation can further exacerbate stress. Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation. It is aimed at reaching equitable resolution for couples who want to separate or divorce.

Mediation allows for couples to reach joint agreement on parenting plans, maintenance and division of assets and liabilities. Mediation is cost-effective, improves communication, promotes successful co-parenting and reduces emotional trauma to children and couples.






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Louisa is a psychotherapist with a specialisation in Trauma Therapy. She consults internationally and in South Africa, to a broad base of clients, pertaining to relationships, personal growth, trauma, conflict management and self- actualization.

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